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Our Services

We are here to work with you and help you

Click on any of the + signs below to learn more about the specific services we provide. If you have any questions, please call us at (413) 285-8722.

We provide integrated and personalized individual, couples/partners, group and family therapy in our clinic and when necessary, in your home.

Our psychiatrists and APRNs assess clients and prescribe medication as needed.

We provide home therapy and social services, especially for the elderly or severely disabled, who may not be able to come to the clinic.

We offer integrated, academic and therapeutic treatment to families and students with specific risk factors such as, delinquency, problematic behaviors, school dropout or low academic achievement, to enhance students’ coping skills.

Because  there is a strong connection between violence and mental health issues, our clinicians provide integrated, outpatient treatment composed of social, cultural, spiritual, emotional, educational, relational and economic components.

We provide job readiness and re-adjustment services, as needed for our clients.

In collaboration with the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department and the juvenile court system, we can enhance academic and coping skills, behavioral rehabilitation and job skills training to enable young people to attain meaningful jobs and reduce homelessness and violence at home, school, work and on the streets.

Our research focuses on how best to enhance clients’ recovery in a social – cultural context. There is insufficient clinical research on cultural healing competencies in mental health issues, especially among the underserved. Such research may benefit clients and families, seniors, retired professionals and government institutions on how to enhance positive outcomes for these populations.

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Insurance Accepted

We accept many public and private insurance plans, including MassHealth.
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