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Refugees & Immigrants are Welcome Here

We are an open and welcoming agency.  We provide cross-cultural counseling services, psychiatric services and supports to refugees and immigrants.

Read more about the services we provide, below in English, Elitilia, Tigrinya, or Swahili.

While the Springfield area and its neighboring communities have been receiving a steady flow of refugees and immigrants per year, often those refugees, especially those from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East have very few or no culturally-focused therapeutic programs designed for them as refugees/ immigrants to adjust into American cross-cultural communities.

The struggle to overcome mental health crises rooted in lack of proficiency in English, poverty, unemployment due to lack of labor force skills, and often severe complex traumatic experiences leaves this population in need of substantial culturally-tailored mental health treatments, support and guidance.

Additionally, the body of literature continues to point out that children and families lacking in English proficiency are more likely to experience lower academic performance and self-esteem, and higher rates of IPV and domestic violence, school dropout, depression, anxiety and other mental health related crises (to be referenced).

In order to successfully contribute to the elimination of health care disparities experienced by the underprivileged, including refugees, new approaches that are social-culturally informed are needed in the outpatient mental health industry.

The CT-Family Care Services team is composed of culturally-competent clinical social workers and counselors.  Some of our professionals speak several languages including the Bantu dialects, Swahili, Haya, English, Arabic, Somalis, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Spanish, Lingala, French and Portuguese.

In addition, many of our professionals are natives of these countries who have become permanent and naturalized American citizens. They share many life experiences with the refugees, immigrants or the underprivileged population, making it easy to engage with and empower refugees to embrace effective adjustment needed for their recovery and success in American cross-cultural communities.

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